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Customised online shops that solve complex digital e-commerce challenges

When we build a shop with ARGO, it is because conventional shop systems are too inflexible, lack individual functions or existing systems no longer scale beyond a certain size. With ARGO, we build complex solutions that, for example, create marketplaces or online shops for digital media with complex role & administration structures and community features.

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Online shops without borders

For the classic online shop, there are now numerous providers who offer configurable off-the-shelf shop systems. In order to offer real and long-term added value in today's competitive environment, the technology and UX of e-commerce systems must also continue to evolve. Individual solutions can only be realised to a certain extent with configurable standard shop systems. Pursuing visionary ideas always requires new technical approaches. The planning, description and technical development of such novel processes is time and resource intensive. With ARGO, we rely on a backend infrastructure with REST API that can map the processes, content and access logics for individual solutions. Such a flexible backend significantly reduces the time-to-market compared to a completely new development. Through the ARGO Core, which is not only geared towards pure e-commerce projects, online shops benefit from feature developments from software projects that are not directly associated with e-commerce. For example, complex access, role and rights structures can be configured, pipelines integrated, community features implemented or matching algorithms made usable for e-commerce. This is how solutions are created and grow that are ready when you are.

E-commerce example projects

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Development of a unique legal advice platform with many e-commerce elements for the distribution of legal documents, explanatory videos, webinars, expert chats and much more. An individual administration interface was created to orchestrate the digital business model. Interactive information and theme worlds round off the offer and contribute to search engine optimisation.

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FinArts was created as a tool for sales in galleries in order to accelerate the sales process through financing options and more digital contract processing. This was intended to create movement and new freedom in a market in which digitalisation has played a rather subordinate role to date. The beneficiaries of FinArts' financing concepts are artists, buyers, collectors and dealers.

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Software development for an association representing the interests of landlords in Germany. Through a broad digital offering and an online platform with access to sample documents, an expert chat and specialist publications for registered and paying members, a digital home for landlords with all topics relating to letting properties has been created.

Our experience & applications

ARGO Backend

ARGO - powered by COSBOO is a backend infrastructure with REST API that provides processes, content and access logics for apps, websites and other data-driven projects.

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e-Gehalt / DMS

Deliver digital payslips and other HR documents electronically. You continue to create the payslips in your HR system. e-Gehalt delivers the payslips digitally to your employees.

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We use ARGO in our shops in such a way that digital products, features, media and subscriptions can be sold successfully. The basis is so flexible that even unusual applications with special features can be implemented.

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Chats & social network systems

With ARGO we build individual and secure chats for online portals, web applications and web shops. We also implement individual social network systems with blogging, comment functions, P2P communication, user ratings and the like.

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Digitally map matching processes for different business cases. With matching portals from COSBOO, you digitise your business model when it comes to matching products, goods or services. Flexible access rules and matching processes make it possible to digitally map even complex business cases.

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Fintec / Finance

We are familiar with digital payments, coins, investment processes, lending and much more. In the past, we have advised several start-ups in the field of finane and successfully supported them in their product development.

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