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Automated profile matching for e-commerce and B2B applications

On the Internet, almost everything revolves around searching, finding and being found. Matching applications from COSBOO automate the process of „finding“ within an application. Algorithms that collect and compare profile data and the fine-granular configurability of the matching parameters create matches that really hit the mark.

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Matching platforms for today

With ARGO, profiles can be matched automatically according to predefined criteria. This makes it possible to bring members of an application together without them having to go searching manually. Searchers and providers receive suggestions based on their profile and, if desired, are automatically notified by e-mail when suitable matches arise. If required, multi-stage matching processes can also be implemented, in which data is released piece by piece. With matching portals from COSBOO, you digitise your business model when it comes to brokering products, goods or services. Flexible access rules and matching algorithms make it possible to digitally map complex business cases. Data security, expandability and individual front-end solutions play together in such a way that matching processes can be fully or partially automated without an administrator having to intervene. The result is more time for the essentials. From simple profile matching to marketplace-like e-commerce applications where complex user profiles are evaluated. We support you with our experience both technically and in an advisory capacity to create matches that inspire your users.

Example Matching Projects

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Real estate

Software development for a real estate matchmaker as part of the digitalisation strategy of a large auditor. Highest security standards for handling sensitive company data, multi-stage matching processes and successive automated data release. Interested parties for commercial real estate can thus find suitable investment properties more easily and are digitally supported in the selection process.

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Development of a start-up matchmaker for investors and growth companies looking for financing opportunities. Initially anonymised company profiles can be scanned by investors via matching order. If interested, enquiries can then be sent to the growth companies to evaluate possible investment options step by step.

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Advertising & Offers

For an ad tech platform, very detailed anonymised user profiles were created that included socio-demographic data, future purchase intentions and taste preferences. The users to whom these profiles were assigned were then presented with matching offers and advertisements. The higher the quality of the matching, the higher the corresponding price for the advertiser.

Our experience & applications

ARGO Backend

ARGO - powered by COSBOO is a backend infrastructure with REST API that provides processes, content and access logics for apps, websites and other data-driven projects.

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e-Gehalt / DMS

Deliver digital payslips and other HR documents electronically. You continue to create the payslips in your HR system. e-Gehalt delivers the payslips digitally to your employees.

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We use ARGO in our shops in such a way that digital products, features, media and subscriptions can be sold successfully. The basis is so flexible that even unusual applications with special features can be implemented.

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Chats & social network systems

With ARGO we build individual and secure chats for online portals, web applications and web shops. We also implement individual social network systems with blogging, comment functions, P2P communication, user ratings and the like.

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Digitally map matching processes for different business cases. With matching portals from COSBOO, you digitise your business model when it comes to matching products, goods or services. Flexible access rules and matching processes make it possible to digitally map even complex business cases.

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Fintec / Finance

We are familiar with digital payments, coins, investment processes, lending and much more. In the past, we have advised several start-ups in the field of finane and successfully supported them in their product development.

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